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Challenges: Colic | Constipation | Sleep
Pediatric Chiro

Have a baby that’s backed up? :hankey:  Ask us about the “poop button”

Meet this sweet adorable little nugget, miss Juniper :heart_eyes:

Juniper came to PWC at just 5 months old. Mom was concerned because she started getting constipated and wasn’t pooping regularly.  She trusted her mom gut and knew that Juniper needed a little bit of help to get her digestive system fully plugged in:electric_plug:.. and not plugged up. :no_good: 

You see, babies are made to eat:baby_bottle:, sleep:sleeping:, and poop:hankey:… so when those functions are disturbed, it’s a clear sign :rotating_light: that there is something else going on under the surface. Juniper’s neurological scans showed just that.. her body was stuck on “fight or flight” mode instead of “rest and digest” mode.  The fight or flight response affects our tissues, organs, and glands on a deeper level, :arrow_right:  inhibiting not only the digestive system but also sleep, immunity, and healthy growth and healing. 

SPECIFIC, SAFE, and GENTLE chiropractic adjustments address the root cause, and put calming input into the nervous system :brain:  so their little bodies can function the way they are supposed to.  There’s an extra special “poop button” :radio_button: adjustment that often gets blowouts right in the office :joy: (which is why we have a special room just for changing diapers :wink:).

Now miss Juniper is THRIVING:seedling:. She is pooping like a champ.:hankey: HIP HIP Poo-ray!! But, mom also says little juniper is in a better mood all around and she’s even “sleeping a solid 5-6 hours”:zzz: at a time at night (compared to just 2 or 3)! :raised_hands: Her mom reports less grunting sounds, less crying and says she’s not aggravated during independent play time like she was before. Go Juniper!:heart:

The cuteness and smiles from this one:hugging_face:.. we just simply cannot handle (and the docs often fight over who gets to adjust the little cutie pie:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:).

If your babe has a plumbing system:toilet: that seems to backed up.. Ask us about the “poop button” (and the nervous system of course), we’d be happy to share :thumbsup::skin-tone-2:

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