Story of Hope

From Zero Speaking, to Exploding Vocabulary and Thriving in School

Challenges: Perfect Storm | Speech
Pediatric Chiro

Read this incredible Momma’s message about how her son Mauricio is making big moves in school 🏫! 

“I’m so happy, I needed to tell you how chiropractic care has played a BIG part in Mauricio’s success this year.  At the beginning of the year, when he started school, he wouldn’t speak at all. No words.  But more recently, his vocabulary is exploding! He’s also in a LEAP classroom where he and his peers receive the same therapies. (He’s been receiving OT, DT, Speech Therapy, and Social Therapy). He’s gotten to a point where he’s outgrown his peers.  In order to continue being challenged and further learn and grow, they will start introducing him to a new classroom where he will be more independent- learn from older and more mature peers. He has grown so much this year- I am immensely grateful to all of his pediatric chiropractors!”

Go, Mauricio, Go! 💪Keep up the great work, buddy. We’re so grateful to watch you grow and thrive!

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