Story of Hope

From vocal cord paralysis to regaining full function of vocal cords

Vocal Cord Paralysis
Pediatric Chiro

Hear this momma’s heartwarming story about how her little miracle regained function of her vocal cords! 🤩

“Giuliana was born prematurely with vocal cord paralysis and the doctors gave us a very bleak outcome for her future. They told us that, on top of her needing a tracheostomy and g tube placed in order for her to thrive and be released from the NICU, there was also a very good chance she may never regain vocal cord function and would most likely need surgery to fix her airway. That for us, as first time parents, was terrifying!

After getting the news and Giuliana having her surgeries, we were finally able to bring her home! We got her set up with Early Intervention for PT, OT and ST. Then my sister, who had just enrolled in chiropractic school, told us about Dr. Tony and PWC. I felt that because he specialized in pediatrics and was in Crystal Lake that it was meant to be! So we made our initial appointment and have kept up with it ever since.

We started at PWC in 2015 where they were able to help her torticollis and frequent ear infections and by 2018 when we went in to see our ENT to discuss surgery options, he surprised us by telling us that her vocal cords had regained function and were opening and closing like they should be. The doctors were shocked because they say after about a year if there hasn’t been movement it most likely won’t happen.

We know that it was God answering our prayers and putting us in the trusting hands of the docs at PWC that made it happen! We are forever grateful to the amazing team and docs at PWC for helping us through our journey and now it’s a part of our regular routine.” ❤️

And in pediatric chiropractic we know that it is mom’s like Guiliana’s who are the true heroes 🦸‍♀️ for finding answers, taking action, and never giving up. 💪🏼

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