Story of Hope

from traumatic birth to rockstar eater and sleeper

Reflux, Sleep Challenges
Pediatric Chiro

Read on👇🏼 for how chiropractic care helped little Landon thrive 💙 after a heart-stopping birth experience.

“Landon was born at 36 weeks because my blood pressure got so high during pregnancy, my OB strongly recommended that I deliver early for my safety and the safety of my son. My blood pressure bottomed out during my c-section prep – right after I was given the spinal. I lost consciousness and they had to expedite the procedure and remove my son immediately as it was extremely dangerous for him with my blood pressure being so low. 😔

He was stuck and up much higher than he needed to be, so they had to vacuum him out.

When he was born, he scored an Apgar of 1. He was white and limp and not crying. He wasn’t breathing for 5 minutes and the doctors worked to resuscitate him. Thankfully, he started breathing on his own and bounced back quickly.

When we brought him home, I got him adjusted at 1 week old. His nervous system was “asleep.” He needed help waking his systems up.

He regularly got adjusted which helped with his reflux and overall development. His reflux was HORRIBLE -he would reject a full bottle a few times a week. And he was such a fussy eater. The combination of extreme gas and reflux made him very uncomfortable. He also had a hard time initially with tummy time because he didn’t have the range of motion he needed.

Adjustments helped with all of that. He hardly ever spits up now. He also has become a ROCKSTAR sleeper. He started sleeping 8 hours a night at 2 months and is now up to 11 at 4 months. I know a lot of that is attributed to his chiropractic care!

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