From “Touch and Go” Start to life to thriving!

Name: Amelia
Challenge: Surgeries, Medications, Torticollis,

Story Of Hope For Amelia

You would never know with Amelia’s spunk 󰡈 and sweet smile that she is an absolute
miracle who had a really “touch and go” start to life. Read on about how chiropractic helped Amelia on her healing journey!

Over the course of just 18 months, Amelia had to undergo 8 surgeries…EIGHT!! 😫 She
had to spend many days laying in a hospital bed being pumped with so many medications 💊. Mom said it was devastating, exhausting, and they just had to take it one day at a time.

As she got out of the hospital 🏥 and on the road to recovery, Amelia already had an
amazing team of doctors & therapists on her side. But, they were looking for more answers to best support her healing, and that’s when they added in chiropractic!

They initially wanted care for her torticollis, but mom said beyond that she knew that
Amelia’s body just really needed a “reset”. She wasn’t sleeping 💤 well and was still
dependent on a feeding tube. Mom said, “we also wanted to assure her mood, emotions,
and overall well-being was in a good place”.

With consistent care that helped regulate Amelia’s nervous system 🧠 and get it into
healing & repair mode, she really took off to the next level! 🚀

Mom says, “Amelia really just started thriving when she hit 2 years old. We thank
chiropractic care as a major support to that healing process! Although we later found out her torticollis was a structural issue and not actually torticollis, we saw so many other positive results for Amelia due to her regular adjustments. She was sleeping, thriving, walking without assistance, eating on her own, her immune system improved tremendously, and was/is just the happiest little girl ever!” 🎉🎉🎉 GO AMELIA!

Now, mom says: “Our family is loving life! Amelia is a walking inspiration. Anyone that
meets her is blown away by her story and is amazed that she has overcome so much. We
thank God for all his blessings and we live life each and every day to honor him.”

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