From struggling to Focus and communicate to clearly communicating her wants and needs

Name: Julia
Challenge: Focus and Communnication

Story Of Hope For Julia

Before nervous system focused chiropractic, Julia’s life looked very different. Her ability to focus on what was happening in front of her and communicate her wants and needs was an everyday challenge.😞 It was getting in the way of enjoying family events and precious family moments. 

Mom and dad were frustrated and overwhelmed because they had already tried multiple routes of care.  Between speech therapy, occupational therapy, and even a different approach to chiropractic…they still weren’t seeing much change in her.  They wanted so badly to see their little girl thrive and so they never gave up and kept searching for more answers.🙏 

That’s when they found PWC. Mom said, the neurological 🧠 assessment done on Julia aligned with what they were experiencing with her behavior and progress in speech. Her nervous system was so overwhelmed😥 and dysregulated that it wasn’t able to calm, focus, and allow her speech to fully come online.

Mom said they realized chiropractic was working after her very first adjustment!🎉 Julia’s nervous system started calming and from there on out she started getting a full nights rest, never waking before 7am.💤 Her body had shifted into healing mode!💪

And with continued care, Julia is absolutely thriving! Mom says “We are able to enjoy events without her wandering as much. Her speech🗣 has exploded where she can clearly communicate her wants/needs and she is telling us what she did and things that are happening throughout her day. Also, she is attending a dance class and loving it!”

Go Julia!! The sky is the limit- Keep jumping (and dancing)💃 to new heights girl!❤️

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