Story of Hope

From Screams and Torticollis to Smiles for Days and full range of motion

Challenges: Colic | Torticollis
Pediatric Chiro

As a baby, Nicholas had extreme gas pains, right-sided torticollis, and screamed for at least 16 hours each and every day. 😭  His smiles were few and far between and it just ate away at mom’s heart to be going through this AGAIN.

She said, “We had gone through this with our first child and we were exhausted, stressed, and discouraged.” 💔 But, as overwhelmed as she was, she was still holding onto hope that she would get to see some smiles from Nicholas… you know, those baby smiles that just melt you right then and there. 🫠

Mom said, “We talked with his pediatrician who told us he probably had colic and would “outgrow it”. We changed his formula multiple times, and added gas drops, special bottles, positions, etc. but nothing worked. I had read about how chiropractic care had so many benefits and decided we needed to take a different approach. We could not stand to see our baby in so much pain and weren’t willing to wait it out. We knew there must be something someone could do!”

And in fact, her mother’s intuition was absolutely right (as it always is 😏).  After 2-3 adjustments, Nicholas was sleeping better, screaming less and his gas pains improved. 🎉 He was also able to turn his head from side to side so much better! As he continued care, let’s just say the smiles came streaming in and their whole life changed😊. Mom says, “Nicholas sleeps through the night, naps during the day, no longer has gas pains, and has a full range of motion in his neck. He is such a happy baby who smiles, laughs, and “talks” to us all the time! People do not believe me when I tell them what we went through for the first 8 weeks! He is a totally different baby and we couldn’t be happier for him! And us!

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