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From No Sleep, Stiff and “Strong” to Sleeping and Hitting Milestones in the Right Order

No Sleep, Stiff
Pediatric Chiro

Being under care herself, Paisley’s awesome mama knew that extra “strong” 💪 babies and skipped milestones were not “normal” but signs that the nervous system 🧠 just needed some extra help!  Read on about how sweet little Paisley is healthy and thriving after a stressful start to life.

Mom said, “My daughter (Paisley) ended up being born prematurely at 36 weeks after an emergency c-section. During surgery, they found her with the umbilical cord wrapped around her throat and torso and tied in a knot! (She was a very active baby).

I brought her in for her scan and first adjustment at 6 weeks, and I wish I had come sooner. She was only sleeping 90 minutes at a time, and everyone in our house was just EXHAUSTED. After 1 week of adjustments, she was sleeping 6 hours through the night and 3-hour naps during the day. It was an amazing turnaround. 🙌

My daughter’s system was always in overdrive because she was born prematurely. She was so stiff – and had near perfect head control at 1 month (which is so not normal). She wanted to also skip crawling and go straight to walking. She would walk holding our hands at 4 months. The doc team worked to calm her systems down. She started crawling at 7 months and walked at 10 months. 👏🎉

I was very concerned that she would fall behind or be developmentally delayed. But the doc team reassured me at every turn. Although she was small – she actually was constantly ahead developmentally.

I so appreciate how helpful the doc team was with my daughter. Having this amazing team of doctors as a sounding board helped give this first-time Mama some peace of mind.”

And we so appreciate that we get to care for Paisley, Mom, and their whole chiro family. Nothing is better than watching kids grow up healthy. 💙

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