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From no sleep and moody to sleeping great, happy and relaxed!

Challenges: Moods | Sleep
Sleep, Moody
Pediatric Chiro

Do you hear that? It’s mom snoring

Kidding, we all know moms don’t snore. But, we also know that life goes a whole lot better when us moms are able to get a good night’s rest! The same way that we feel and function better when we sleep well, goes for our kids too. So when our kids have consistent sleep struggle – it really starts interfering with their life!

Meet Rory! When Rory came in one of her biggest challenges was sleep. Not only was she having a hard time falling asleep, but she was waking up multiple times during the middle of the night. This made her moods, behavior, and energy throughout the day all thrown off.

It’s not just that Rory was a “bad sleeper”, but that her body was stuck on stress and never able to fully access rest mode – leaving her brain not only tired, but wired. So with consistent chiropractic care, that helped cam and regulate her nervous system – not only is she sleeping great, but mom says she’s so much more relaxed, happy, and agreeable throughout the day.

You go girl!!! Better sleep=better moods=better days ahead for the whole family!


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