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From Motor Tics and Medication to Huge Motor Tic Improvements and Zero Medication

Motor Tics
Pediatric Chiro

We’re Talking Tics [and don’t worry, it has nothing to do with TikTok 😜]

A few years ago,  Amelia started having some mild motor tics where mom noticed she was doing repetitive 🔁nodding movements with her head. Sometimes Amelia had no idea she was doing them, and other times she did- saying that it helped eliminate the “butterflies in her stomach” 🦋.  The tics used to show up only when she got overly stressed or anxious, but they soon started occurring more and more frequently over time.

Amelia’s pediatrician 👨‍⚕️ said it was because her adenoids were “blocked” and creating a lot of pressure in her sinuses, but after having surgery 🏥 to get them removed, the symptoms STILL didn’t go away…in fact, they kept getting worse. Mom said that the next step they recommended was to put her on medications 💊 or try an inhaler, but something in her mom gut didn’t feel right…

One day when she was scrolling through Facebook mom saw information about the scanning technologies used at neurologically focused chiropractic offices 💡.  She said she was desperately hoping this would give them more information about what else was going on in Amelia’s brain 🧠 and body.

Amelia’s scans 📈 showed that her nervous system was stuck and had a lot of built-up stress.   Movement of the neuro-spinal system is very important for calming sensory input to the brain.  So, when the nervous system is “stuck” and stressed, the body will come up with other ways to create that calming input ➡️ [tics, stimming, flapping, chewing, or any excessive fidgety movement, etc].

This amazing girl rocked 🎸her care plan, and we had SO much fun with her along the way. The best part is that her nervous system was able to become so much more calm and connected that her tics improved dramatically!!!

Mom said when she looked back at a video of her watching TV, and couldn’t believe how much of a difference there had been since starting chiropractic care. 🤯

Yay, Amelia! 💓 She’s got a rockin’ nervous system, a rockin’ smart brain, and a rockin’ smile, this one!

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