Story of Hope

From Lack of Focus and Communication to Calm and Communicating Effectively

Focus, Communincating
Pediatric Chiro

Read how Aarav totally took off in his therapies🚀- leaving everyone in awe at his progress.

Before chiropractic care, Aarav was struggling with poor body coordination and speech🗣️. He had difficulty using his words appropriately and consistently for communication. Mom also said, “it used to be very challenging to work with Aarav. I used to get tired as he lacked focus and was always in constant motion. “

Being the incredible family that they are, they sought out all of the best therapies for him. While he was making good progress, they still felt deep down he was capable of so much more. So they searched and found pediatric chiropractic.

Chiropractic helped calm, coordinate, and regulate his nervous system 🧠 so that he could better integrate what he was working on in his therapies- setting him up for some amazing success! 👏

Mom said she knew chiropractic was working when he started showing tremendous improvement in his therapies 🤩. She says,

“He was able to focus and learn new skills in a short time. He excelled at all his goals set at his ABA therapy. His BCBA and Occupational therapists were curious to know about the techniques I was using at home. It was difficult for them to believe that the changes were due to chiropractic care. Friends and family saw a huge difference in his behavior and use of language. I could clearly see that the care plan was working for him.”

As he continues care, mom says:

“We are happy to see many positive changes in our son. He is using words and sentences to communicate his needs effectively. He has shown tremendous improvement in the use of communicative and receptive language. He has a better understanding of where his body is in space. He is more settled and calm in unfamiliar places. He is able to focus well during the table time activities.

At the beginning of the care plan, he could hardly sit in one place for a minute. Now he can draw, write and color for more than 20 minutes. He keeps receiving praise for his fine motor skills. We thank chiropractic care for timely help and support.” 💙

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