From Grand Mal Seizures to Seizure Free and Thriving!

Name: Francesca
Challenge: Seizures

Story Of Hope For Francesca

As Francesca’s battle with seizures grew bigger and harder, her hope for healing was shrinking smaller 😞. What started off as short absence seizures turned into full blown atonic and grand mal seizures that weren’t even responding to medication 💊. A challenge no kiddo should have to face..

So as she turned 16 years old, Francesca wasn’t able to live the life she deserved…. let alone get her hands on that highly anticipated drivers license 🪪 . What’s worse is she continued to spiral into more challenges: depression, anxiety, gut issues, constipation, and insomnia. 😥

Her amazing momma knew they needed to make a change and try something dramatically different, never giving up on helping her daughter. That’s when they turned to neurologically focused chiropractic for hope, answers, and most importantly HELP ✨
The adjustments helped calm down Francesca’s noisy brain 🧠 so that her body was able to shift back into rest, digest, healing, and repair mode. By restoring her neurological balance, her body and brain were less overwhelmed with everyday functions… and the healing started happening🤩.

Now, what does Francesca’s life look like? She’s 11 months seizure free and THRIVING 󰗱.
Mom says she’s so much happier, less anxious, much more confident. ❤️ Oh and that driver’s license? GOT IT 😎 Francesca is living a life that looks dramatically different and better all because they didn’t give up hope, sought for more answers, and believed in the body’s ability to heal.

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