Story of Hope

From Grand Mal Seizures and Depression to a Positive, Hopeful Outlook On Life

Seizures, Depression
Pediatric Chiro

Alone, scared, and hopeless 😞 were the emotions Cole’s family felt when it came to his extreme health struggles at just 19 years old. His grand mal seizures, severe depression, and suicidal thoughts were glooming ⛈ over the healthy life he deserved to live.

Cole’s seizures had gotten so out of control that after his biggest one, he ended up with a black eye 👁 and a hole in the wall at their house. But the bigger hole was left in their broken hearts 💔 because they had already tried so much to help him, and nothing seemed to do the job.

They tried neurological specialists 🥼, medications 💊, CBD oil, supplements, functional medicine, essential oils 💧, and restrictive diets. But felt incredibly stuck until they heard about a chiropractic intensive program and turned to neurologically-focused chiropractic for help.

Mom said, “Our Chiropractic practice HAD ANSWERS,” and explained everything in a way that we could easily understand. They treated us like family and gave such hope and clarity of Cole’s conditions and expected hopeful outcomes!” 💙 So Cole began his journey into chiropractic, and it was an amazing start.

😯 “AFTER THE VERY FIRST ADJUSTMENT THAT HIS CHIROPRACTOR PERFORMED, Cole’s dark circles under his eyes immediately went away. And color came back instantly into his face,” Mom said. 

As they continued adjustments, his nervous system began to calm, coordinate, and heal 🙌🏼.

Now mom says, “Cole’s life now looks hopeful and bright. Before we started chiropractic care, his neurologist suggested we get Cole on disability, but now there is no longer a need for that!! His food tastes better; he sees brighter colors, his sleep is 100% better; he has significantly less depression and a major decrease in seizures and seizure activity!!!” 🎉🎉🎉

Wohoooo! The best is yet to come for Cole, and we can’t wait to watch him continue to crush his goals on this healing journey 💪🏼

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