From Extreme Immune Challenges to Saying Goodbye to Antibiotics!

Name: Bryce
Challenge: Extreme Immune Challenges

Story Of Hope For Bryce

Away with antibiotics 💊 and extreme immune challenges. Read on about how Bryce is getting to express her very best self! 👇🏼

Mom says,  “Bryce’s immune system felt very weak, from very early on. She seemed to pick up any and every cold/virus out there and experienced chronic ear infections. With every cold, she would experience a cough that lingered for 2-3 weeks. It felt like we were only getting one “healthy” week per month.

Sleep was also a struggle for her. Despite sleeping long hours, her quality of sleep was very poor.. she has always had dark circles under her eyes. Her tiny body was exhausted and you’d think the snores you could hear down the hall, through a closed door, would be from a grown adult, not a petite four year old.

Before switching to a functional medicine pediatrician and being referred to chiropractic care, we had been seeing a conventional medicine pediatrician. It seemed like we had been on antibiotic after antibiotic for multiple ear infections, had been referred to the ENT for tubes and also for tonsil and adenoid removal, which made us uncomfortable as parents. I knew there had to be something else to try before we went the surgery route, and I’m so glad we continued to explore other options.”

✨Enter Pediatric chiropractic✨Mom says “ I learned so much during that first report of findings and everything started clicking into place. I was understanding why Bryce was having these challenges and it felt encouraging to see it on paper”

 “After Bryce’s first adjustment she fell asleep in the car. She has never been a car napper, not even as a baby.  Then she took 3 more naps that first week! It had been probably 2 years since she has taken consistent naps. After about two weeks of adjustments she started sleeping through the night. At 4.5 years old, I could probably count on one hand how many times she had slept through the night. Now, Bryce is waking up refreshed and ready to go. When she gets sick, the symptoms are less severe and shorter lived. Bryce’s energy and coordination are unmatched. She is slowly starting to let her true personality shine outside of our house and others are finally able to see and experience our very best girl.” 🎉

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