Story of Hope

From Crippling Social Anxiety and possible Autism Diagnosis to thriving, smiling and laughing

Challenges: Anxiety | Autism | Perfect Storm
Anxiety, Autism
Pediatric Chiro

One day I woke up and said, “Where did my son go?”😢

When Koen first came in for care, we didn’t get to see this radiant and connected smile. We didn’t get as much as a glance or even a word. He had so much social anxiety that being around people he didn’t know, crippled him.😟

He was so locked🔒 into a mode of fight or flight and protection that interacting with others, speaking🗣 to others, and playing with others, was all nonexistent. It got to a point where mom knew she needed to get serious help for her son and the doctors were talking about a possible diagnosis of autism.

Mom wasn’t okay with this. She knew that her sweet boy was somewhere in there and he just needed to break out. She started speech and OT, and also decided she would take a “swing in the dark” with chiropractic care.

On top of his social anxiety and overwhelm, Koen’s little immune system was taxed. He was sick constantly.🤒 In fact, it seemed like he was sick more than he was healthy. Ear infections, croup, strep, and constant colds.🤧 This little guy couldn’t catch a break.

To say this little guy is NOT stuck, struggling, or sick anymore is an understatement!!🎉 He is absolutely thriving. He got through the majority of this year with a healthy and rocking immune system.💪 He’s in school.🏫 He talks to kids.🗣 He laughs with kids!😂 He even comes in and laughs and talks with us at his appointments. He talks about football,🏈 ninja turtles, his best friends, and all the fun things he has going on in life!

Everyone that sees Koen often looks at mom and says, “He is a completely different kid.” It’s amazing what happens when our brains🧠 and bodies are fully connected. Koen can finally be the happy, smiley, super cute little guy that he was meant to be!💙


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