From Constant crying and inconsolable to Peaceful and comfortable

Name: Grace
Challenge: Colic

Story Of Hope For Grace

As new parents, you envision a sweet bundle of joy full of snuggles and quiet little coo’s 🤱. But your world is turned absolutely upside down when the first weeks of life are filled with non-stop crying, agitation, and a baby that is inconsolable. 

It can be the most disheartening, overwhelming feeling when you try everything in your power to help calm your baby, and nothing seems to do the trick.

We see you. We feel you. We know you’re exhausted. 

And we’re here to offer you some HOPE and HELP! ✨

So many little ones, including baby Grace, that have been carried into our doors crying ➡️ have been carried out CALM within just a few short weeks 🙌 – and here’s why…

Our non-invasive scanning technology shows exactly where and how much stress is built up in the nervous system 🧠 causing her body to stay stuck in the “fight or flight” response (crying, agitated, digestive challenges)  instead of being in “rest and digest” mode where babies are meant to be (sleeping, eating, pooping). 

At 4 weeks old miss Grace was crying, screaming, and fussing up to 12-24 hours a day 👎.  She wasn’t napping or sleeping well and her mom and dad described her as uncomfortable 😫… constantly stiff, tense, and arching her back. They also noticed that she rarely turned her head to the right side. 

GENTLE and SPECIFIC adjustments from a crew who is so dedicated and dialed into PEDIATRIC care, helps calm the nervous system so they are able to eat 🍼, sleep 😴, poop 💩, and grow the way they are supposed to. 

Baby Grace is now the peaceful, (and of course ADORABLE) 😍  little babe that she was made to be. Grace is comfortable in her own body. She is no longer crying for hours on end.  She is sleeping so much better, taking naps, and turning her head easily to both the left and the right. 🌟

We are soo excited for this new family to cherish all of their moments with this little bug ❤️

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