Story of Hope

from Colic to Content

Challenges: Colic
Pediatric Chiro

Before chiropractic, Lennon was struggling with reflux, difficulty sleeping, and often was irritable, stiff and arching. With one of the biggest challenges being that he would cry NON STOP in any car ride 🚗. Mom said she felt completely overwhelmed and helpless, turning to PWC for help.

At the time Lennon was also fighting a kidney  diagnosis (hydronephrosis) that was being monitored by his medical doctors for progression and medical intervention🏥. Completely unrelated? We think not 🤓.. Keep reading friends!

With consistent care Lennon’s nervous system (which controls all functions and organs in the body) started to finally reach healing mode: where the body prioritizes rest, digestion, healing, and repair. 💪🏼

Now, mom says “He is content in the car and often falls asleep. His Colic is long gone. He’s such a happy baby. Everyone comments how he’s so happy and seems like I got lucky with an easy baby. I always tell people they should have seen him before we found his chiropractic care. He is a completely different baby and we are so very grateful!”

And to the medical doctor’s surprise, with a more regulated nervous system Lennons’ kidneys actually started healing and functioning much better on their own! Mom said, “his right kidney is almost completely normal and his left is not far behind” with no additional intervention!! 🎉🎊🎉

GO LENNON!  We could not be more happy for this amazing family, for his healing, and to see Lennon’s adorable smiles. 🤗


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