Story of Hope

From anxious tendencies and outbursts to a vastly improved quality of life

Challenges: Anxiety
Pediatric Chiro

Starting at the age of 5, Avery was showing some very emotional and anxious tendencies. Mom said “In the beginning, I thought it was just being stubborn and defiant but then we realized she was suffering and it was impacting everyone in the house.” 😔

Because of the overwhelm happening on the inside of her body,  Avery was very shut down and in protective mode 🙅🏻‍♀️. She didn’t have the ability to express what she was feeling. You could tell she was holding onto a lot, but then she would have big outbursts over the littlest things due to the buildup 🌋. She even ended up missing 11 days of school because she was anxiously complaining of a stomach ache and spiking low grade fevers… both of which would go away as soon as she came home and felt safe. 🏠

When you have a kid dealing with any level of anxiety, as a parent it’s not always easy to tell exactly what’s going on ….until you look under the surface 👀.  For Avery’s parents they knew in their gut something was wrong and they didn’t want to go down the traditional routes of medication, so they boldly took initiative to help their daughter and found pediatric chiropractic. 🌟

After seeing Avery’s neurological scans 📈and understanding what was happening with her stressed nervous system, mom said “I was happy to see tangible evidence of what was going on in my child’s body”.  Those scans were essential to create a full on action plan 💪🏼 to get Avery’s nervous system 🧠more regulated and calm.

After her care plan, Avery’s anxiety and outbursts went way down and her quality of life went WAY up. 🎉🎉🎉Not only did it help Avery feel more like herself, but it helped change the dynamic of the whole entire family. ❤️

Mom said, “We also learned how to manage and give her space when it flared up, realizing her nervous system needed a rest even though she couldn’t articulate that. So instead of getting frustrated that she was misbehaving, we understood! Avery will probably always have her challenges but chiropractic has regulated her to be able to handle life’s daily activities with ease and allowed us to understand and support her in times where needed.” 😊

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