From a Severe Speech Delay to Chatting Away

Name: Coen
Challenge: Speech Delay

Story Of Hope For Coen

Coen’s speech is soaring! 🦅 Read the story of how he started “talking away” after a severe speech delay 👇🏼

Mom said, “Before starting Chiropractic, Coen had a severe speech delay. He had difficulty initiating sounds and had minimal sound production…

We were struggling to find alternative support to aid him. We knew that Coen struggled with motor planning and would need speech therapy. Still, we really wanted to find him additional avenues of care– after all, everything we read stated that Coen’s struggles were neurological in origin. THERE MUST BE SOME WAY TO STIMULATE HIS NERVOUS SYSTEM, we kept asking ourselves!” 

And when they found a pediatric chiropractic office, they fully realized their gut feeling was right all along 🙌🏼. There was a disconnect with how Coen’s nervous system 🧠 was processing information and coordinating actions like movement and speech. His parents said, “Looking through his scans and talking with the docs, it all made sense why he was struggling, and progress has been very slow.”

🤩 Here comes the best part! 🤩

Mom and Dad said,

 “It was about a couple of months into chiropractic care when it seemed like a switch flipped for Coen. He began initiating sounds and words on his own without prompting from others. Coen has always struggled to look at something in his environment and then produce a word, but lately, he has just been talking away!” 🎉🎉🎉

With continued care, they say: “Coen is a chatterbox! 🗣 He is making complete sentences (something he struggled with even a few months ago). It is so exciting to watch him share his thoughts on the world! Coen is now finishing up with speech services, as he has met all his goals in record time and has shocked his speech therapist– We all anticipated him needing services for the next few YEARS. We are so happy we decided to take a leap of faith and try chiropractic care. He has gained about three years of progress in three months of chiropractic work.”

GO COEN! Keep up the great work, bud! We can’t wait to hear what you have to say next! 👏🏼

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