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Welcome to Pro Active Chiropractic Center located in Columbia, MO. At Pro Active Chiropractic Center – Columbia we do our best to first find out if we can help you.  If not, we will refer you to another specialist.  Then if we can we will work on a game plan to fix or repair your problem so that it doesn’t keep coming back, or to continue to get worse.

I decided to become a chiropractor in Columbia because I went to college at the University of Missouri and have always liked Columbia.  I love how there are so many things to do, great restaurants, and a lot of cultural activities even though it still has a small-town feel.  I wanted to give the residents of this area the best non-drug, and non-surgical healthcare that can be provided.  I have been working with patients for almost 20 years now.   We have helped over 10,000 different patients to improve their health without drugs or surgery.

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