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We thrive on serving infants, children, & families and restoring proper function to your brain, body, & nervous system so you can experience better health. Through neurologically-focused care you will experience better communication between your brain & body so that you can function at your highest level.

Our Mission: To infuse families with hope. To empower pregnant moms with confidence. To restore kids’ full potential.

Your care here begins with a detailed history & exam with our state-of-the-art technology to assess the exact function of your nervous system. This helps us know how to serve you best. Then, throughout your personalized care, you will receive periodic progress assessments to make sure we are on the correct path and adapting to your needs.

We firmly believe God created the human body perfectly and we are excited to assist you & your family in functioning at your best. We specialize in pediatrics, pregnancy, and family wellness with an emphasis on Sensory processing disorders, ADHD, Autism, and neuro-developmental disorders. Whether you’re looking for relief of symptoms or health preservation, we’re here to support you.

You will enjoy the family atmosphere we have cultivated here, where you will be greeted personally by name & with a smile at each visit, and where you can relax while knowing you are investing well into yourself and your littles.

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