About Us

HEALTH is a state of body.

WELLNESS is a state of being.

At Compass, we truly believe that the body has infinite potential – our mission is to help YOU achieve it!

We pride ourselves on creating a healing environment for individuals and families alike. Whether you are a young adult, a single parent, a retired grandparent, or a young family, we can help your body restore itself to its optimal state, with clear + connected brain-body communication! We aim to serve our practice members the best we can, and being a small, family-friendly practice allows us to work with you so that you are able to receive the care you DESERVE.

We serve not only adults, kids, and moms or dads, but entire families! Allowing families to experience the joy of life together, full-family wellness gives each person the opportunity to thrive individually and therefore engage with life to its fullest potential!

As one of our focuses, caring for women throughout their journeys to motherhood is a joy! From fertility to preconception to pregnancy to postpartum and beyond, our gentle care uplifts and supports their bodies through each and every change they experience. We LOVE to serve aspiring, expecting, and postpartum mamas, and we are honored to walk beside each one that chooses us to be a part of their village.

Dr Tanner says it well, “I have the best job in the world! I get to work with babies and kids (and adults too!) and share in their WINS. I watch miracles unfold right in front of my eyes every day, and I am so grateful to have a hand in creating a healthy and vibrant future for our community.”

We’d love to serve YOU! Give us a call to set up a visit for our gentle + safe neurological scans, a one-on-one with one of our incredible doctors, and a care plan curated just for you!


In Health and with Love,

Dr. Katie, Dr. Tanner, Keilah, Kate, and Jayme


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