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Dr. Benne was born and raised in Kearney, NE. Like many kids, Dr. Benne struggled with chronic ear infections. His parents had tried everything the doctors recommended but nothing was changing. He was put on numerous antibiotics and went through two ear tube surgeries with no improvement. When his parents were starting to lose hope, someone recommended they take him to a chiropractor. After a month of care, all of Dr. Benne’s ear troubles were completely gone. His health was no longer diminishing but instead ADDING to his quality of life! His pain was gone and his focus and cognitive thinking even improved. His teachers told his parents that he was paying more attention in class and doing better on assignments and Dr. Benne and his family continued chiropractic care as a proactive way to pursue health all throughout his childhood. Along the journey, Dr. Benne made the decision that he wanted to become  a chiropractor himself. This profound experience has shaped the foundation of what Atone Chiropractic is all about; serving kids and families through their health challenges and into wellness.

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