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Our directory of PX and Pro PX docs, are providing hope to family all across the globe. Let us introduce you to our PX Cert Pro Docs.  

What is a PX CERT PRO DOC?

What is a PX Pro Cert Doc | PX Docs

Keeping it straightforward and simple to start, a PX Cert Pro Doc is the exact doctor you’ve long been searching for, parents! Not only are the Cert Pro Docs on our directory trained in the most advanced clinical protocols and techniques, but they are the most empathetic, passionate doctors you’ll ever meet.

The first thing that sets these docs apart is that they are trained to sit knee-to-knee with you and listen truly. Why does this matter so much? Because the true keys to finding what’s causing your child’s health condition and challenges can first be found in their case history. Sadly, too few doctors take the time to listen and dive deep with parents in today’s cookie-cutter healthcare system, so our docs take this part of the job very seriously.

Second, our PX Cert Pro Docs use the most advanced and cutting-edge technology to analyze and assess the function and performance of your child’s central and autonomic nervous system. The INSiGHT Scanning Technology that our PX Cert Pro Docs are trained to use at the highest level is the one thing that allows us to find the root causes of a child’s struggles in a way no other health care practitioner can.

So many parents have had countless labs drawn for their child, EEGs and MRIs, genetic testing, allergy testing, and so much more… yet still haven’t found the answers they seek to get their child healing and healthy again.

This is where our PX Cert Pro Docs and the INSiGHT Scans come in and will truly change everything for you and your family! For the first time, parents can see laid out right before them exactly where the stress, subluxation, and dysfunction set up on their child’s nervous system and is leaving it stressed out, wound up, and worn out at the same time.

Even the most perfect lifestyle, nutrition, and supplementation program cannot overcome a stressed and subluxated nervous system. This layer of the Clinical Care Process then brings out the next aspect of our PX Cert Pro Docs expertise, their ability to build a customized, personalized Care Plan for your child. And then, from there, sit down knee-to-knee once again and explain each step of the care program to you in a simple and easy-to-understand way.

And finally, the last thing that sets our PX Cert Pro Docs apart from others is their high level and ongoing training in the most advanced Pediatric Chiropractic Clinical Care Techniques possible. Our doctors are not just experts in one adjusting technique, but are proficient in many of them. This is essential for getting results for every child, since many cases require a multitude of healing techniques to achieve maximum, life-changing results.

Our PX Cert Pro Docs are unique and different from other doctors in just about every way, and for tens of thousands of parents worldwide… they are exactly who you’ve been up late at night searching and praying for! Head to our PX Docs Directory and find your local PX Cert Pro Doctor immediately and get started on your journey of Hope, Answers, and Help!

Our PX Cert Pro Docs have received their Certificate of Proficiency in Pediatric + Family Chiropractic from the Life University Postgraduate Department, an incredible program first launched in 2021 with our PX Docs Founder, Dr. Tony Ebel as Lead Instructor.

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