Story of Hope

From Struggling with Focus and Outbursts to More Calm and Controlling his energy

Focus, Outburts
Pediatric Chiro

Josiah’s parents sought out chiropractic care in hopes of helping him with his focus and attention at school :school: . At the time, he was really struggling with uncontrolled and unpredictable outbursts :rage: and had a really hard time with less structured environments.  He also was easily overwhelmed when he was asked to do something he perceived as difficult.

Mom said going to their chiropractic office was a “shot in the dark” and that they were pretty skeptical that getting him adjusted would do much to help. But they followed other success stories, and when they took to the leap of faith to get started, their whole perspective changed. :raised_hands::skin-tone-3:

Mom said, “From the first scan on, I was impressed with their scientific approach and ability to measure progress within his body.” Josiah’s scans :chart_with_upwards_trend: showed that his nervous system :brain: was overstimulated and not very adaptable to his environment. So, when chiropractic helped calm and coordinate his body, Josiah’s whole demeanor changed.

Within the first few weeks, his teachers were saying, “who is this kid?” He was so different at school.  He was much more calm and focused and better able to participate in class. :star-struck: He was able to have more control over his energy and not be so overwhelmed by change. :clap::skin-tone-3: He was able to be even more of the sweet and smart Josiah that he really is without all of the extra stress. :tada:

Mom says, “He still has to work very hard at it, but I will say this has helped his self-management and emotional regulation in a big way. We really appreciate the staff and the chiropractors.  Everyone is awesome and helpful. Thank you for all that you guys do.” :blue_heart:

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