From Sensory Overload, and Lack of Communication to Full Verbal and Better Reasoning Abilities

Name: Audrey
Challenge: Autism

Story Of Hope For Audrey

When Audrey was diagnosed with autism at age 4, she struggled daily with sensory overload, emotional regulation, and communication. 😔

Audrey’s mom shares, “Every day was a struggle for Audrey as well as for us as her parents.” 💔

The family pursued speech, occupational, and behavioral therapies for years with minimal results. Audrey’s older sister began to resent her. Her parents felt defeated seeing their daughter struggle daily with no end in sight.

Then, they brought Audrey to PWC Chiropractic for intensive neurological care. At first, her parents were skeptical, but Audrey’s scans 📉 showed ample room for neurological improvement. The doctors at PWC patiently explained the customized care plan they would use to help Audrey’s brain 🧠 and nervous system function better.

Audrey’s mom recalls, “Around 2-3 months into her intensive program, we started noticing more speech 🗣️ on a regular basis. I knew at that point we would see more positive changes.” 

Then came increased attention span, reasoning ability, and even imaginative play with her sister. 🥹

Today, Audrey is fully verbal, able to focus, less prone to emotional meltdowns, and soaking up her therapy sessions. 👏🏻  Her mom shares, “We have seen quicker progress in the last 6 months while undergoing the intensive chiropractic program at PWC than we have seen in all of her years receiving other therapies.”

Her message to other special needs parents who are hoping and praying 🙏🏻 for breakthroughs for their child: “Be patient!! Initially, as her system was trying to figure out all of the changes happening, things got worse before they got better! The doctors and staff assured us this was normal and good!”

Way to go, Audrey! We can’t wait to see what amazing things the future has in store for you! 💫

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