Story of Hope

From Being Stuck in a Storm of Stress to Self-Regulated and Focused

Anxiety, ADHD, Motor Tics
Pediatric Chiro

Before finding a PX Doc, Braulio was stuck in a storm of stress. 🌪️ His nervous system 🧠 was so dysregulated that he was dealing with anxiety, difficulty focusing, ADHD tendencies, emotional regulation challenges, and motor TICs.

They put a lot of time and effort into other routes of care- like cognitive behavioral therapy and talk therapy but unfortunately didn’t see much change. Mom said all of these were overwhelming to him and hard to keep up. And the therapies really made him feel like a bad kid. 😔

But anyone who knows Braulio knows he is the complete opposite – he’s a smart young man full of kindness and potential and just needed help calming and regulating his nervous system so he could be himself! 💪

Mom said after the first month of care, his TICs and hand flapping/sensory seeking completely stopped. 🤯 And towards the end of the care plan, he was so much better at self-regulating and focusing. He was more flexible, self-motivated, and able to make goals and self-direct. 🙌

What does his life look like now? For the first time, he is able to start hobbies and see them through (like baseball ⚾ and volunteering). He is so much more focused and even made HONOR ROLL!!! Go Braulio!!! Mom says she’s looking forward to his continued growth and goal setting… and so are we!!! 💙

Keep up the GREAT work, bud!!! 👏


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