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From ADHD, Anxiety, and Exhaustion to All Out Awesome

Challenges: ADHD | Anxiety
Noah Price
ADHD, Anxiety, and Exhaustion
Pediatric Chiro

In the Spring of 2020, right as Covid shut down the world, Noah was diagnosed with ADHD. This diagnosis came after a couple of years of observations in meetings with teachers and support from the Special Education department at his school. When we decided to have Noah tested, my husband and I felt defeated.  We are both educators and could not help our son feel comfortable, confident and successful. Noah began having horrible, heart-breaking outbursts and the end of the school day because he was mentally exhausted. His anxiety amped up and he would cry and become inconsolable over homework assignments and anything school related (if it had to be done at home).

You can imagine our excitement when we were told the schools were going to be shutting down and the kids would be involved in e-learning that Spring. To say that e-learning was disastrous and did not work for Noah is an understatement. His outbursts and negativity towards himself became more frequent. I knew something had to be done sooner rather than later and I was hesitant to start him on medication. That is what led us to PWC.  

I watched the Perfect Storm Workshop and was confident that chiropractic care was something that I wanted for Noah. I was willing to try anything to help get our happy boy back. Noah began getting adjusted with the awesome docs 3 times a week and we started noticing small positive changes.  As the weeks went on, I could see Noah coming back. He was happier, confident and beginning to positively talk about the new school year (3rd grade).  

Noah has been getting adjusted for 6 months now and I can hands down say that this was the BEST decision we could have made for our son. We are well into this crazy school year (which has had many changes) and Noah is LOVING it (even with wearing a mask). He works so hard at school, is more confident, and has a positive attitude towards his school work and himself! We are so thankful for the PX Doctors and Care Advocates! We are thankful for making us feel like family. You have helped to put that great smile back on Noah’s face. We are forever grateful.

-Many Blessings!

Michelle and Dan Price

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