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Our mission at Surpass Chiropractic is to provide neurological based chiropractic care to
the toughest cases. Allowing patients to regain resilience and fulfill their optimal potential.
Through advanced technology and examination we will get to the root cause of your
limitation and provide uniquely catered healing experiences to the community of
Colleyville, Texas.

” Surpass yourself! “

Surpass, by definition, means to become better, greater, or stronger than. Starting at conception
and throughout an individual’s life, thoughts, traumas, and toxins can cause dysfunctions in our
body, disrupting the communication within our central nervous system. This dysfunction within
the central nervous system leads to pains, aches, less than optimal health, and delayed
development. Through specific and gentle chiropractic adjustments catered to the specific needs
of each individual the nervous system will function optimally. Surpass envisions communities
having greater resiliency, natural health and healing from within, children living drug-free lives,
and every individual reflecting health as their most valuable asset. The doctors at Surpass are
deeply committed to serving their community through hope and healing with nervous system
result-driven chiropractic care. Through the use of innovative technologies and techniques,
backed by scientific research, we aspire to educate our community on how to live a life full of
optimal health and resiliency.

” Experience Miracles! “

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