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Dr. Matt knew early in life he wanted to serve and help people experience life to their fullest potential. After spending 10 years in full-time student ministry across California and Hawaii, Dr. Matt experienced first-hand the significant impact early intervention had on the lives of young people, specifically from an emotional and spiritual standpoint. In 2005, as a brand-new dad, Dr. Matt quickly learned the importance of early intervention from a physical standpoint as well. Within the first few minutes of life, Dr. Matt and his wife Corrie, watched their newborn daughter struggle to breath. After being admitted to the NICU, Dr. Matt called in the family’s chiropractor and watched his baby begin to thrive. What was expected to be at least a 10-day hospital stay, turned into just two days in the NICU and the family was back home together again. Dr. Matt’s daughter is now 14 and is thriving physically, spiritually and emotionally. That life-changing experience, along with a few other key markers led Dr. Matt to McKinney, Texas to open Reform Chiropractic.

Today, Dr. Matt and his wife Corrie, have three children and fully understand the challenge of raising kids in today’s high-stress world. With our bodies being constantly taxed, our health can breakdown and the ability for us to function at our best is compromised. Dr. Matt’s goal is to keep the nervous system running at full power  so the body can tap into its incredible ability to heal itself. When the power is on, the body is well-positioned for healing, restoring patients back to their God-given wellness and living life to their fullest potential.

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