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Dr. Tony Ebel, Dr. Matt Hill, Dr. Morgan Reimer, Dr. Jacobe Holman, Dr. Stephanie Ewert, Dr. Allie Wright, Dr. Jonah Wright, Dr. Ashley Wood

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PWC is built with just one thing in mind — your family’s health and happiness. Our team of doctors and care advocates create an incredible healing experience for the toughest of cases such as autism, epilepsy, and special needs, all the way through to well-baby checks and family wellness care!

If your child is struggling with the Perfect Storm, we have answers. If you are looking to promote health and wellness for your family, we can help. Our neurologically-focused chiropractic care paired with a truly patient-centered approach provided by our entire team is what truly sets PWC apart.

This mission is why PWC founded the PX Docs network so every family not local to PWC can find the Hope Dealers and care providers they need to heal naturally… because Every Kid Counts! The PX Docs organization is an empowering and impactful resource for your entire family because each doc is an expert in Pediatric, Prenatal, and Family Neurologically-Focused Chiropractic Care.

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