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Parents bring their children to our office for colic, ear infections, GERD, ADHD, constipation, SPD, ASD, sleep disturbances, behavioral issues, wellness, and much, much more. We believe the body was created, by design, to heal itself. This statement is our foundation, our conviction, and lens through which we look to provide care to our patient families. The Central Nervous System in the focal point of our care, as it is the Master System in the body. We are able to accurately measure it’s function through highly sophisticated neurological scans. These scans help us determine an accurate course of care in our office, individualized to each of our patient’s needs. Through all of the laughter, tears, hugs, celebration, struggles, hope, and prayer; We LOVE what we do and are beyond grateful for the healing power of the human body!! Call us today to see if we can help your family unlock their great healing potential too.

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