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We love to see families with a special interest in fertility, pregnancy, and the mother-baby dyad. We love to care for older kids, dads, and grandparents when they desire a wellness lifestyle. We guide mothers on their journey coming back to themselves as they focus on their wellness, first.

In addition, Dr. Camille works with couples as they prepare for parenthood. She uses the 8 pillars of the Schaefer Procotol as couples prepare their minds, bodies, and souls for growing their family.

Dr. Stef has a special interest in seeing kids and teenagers involved in sports.  She loves being able to help them form healthy, injury-preventing habits early on in life.

We believe that God created our bodies to function and heal. Through daily life stressors, physical changes and choices, and our environment, we can become overwhelmed and struggle to adapt. Through chiropractic care and lifestyle changes, we can help our bodies adapt and return to function and healing. It is our goal to guide you on that journey.

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