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At Cook & Anderson Chiropractic, we believe everyone deserves to live their fullest expression of life and that each individual holds the power to heal within themselves. We are here to nurture this inborn ability through holistic-centered chiropractic care. We provide personalized care in a space that makes reconnection, healing and thriving available to the whole family.

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The office partners with PX Docs to request appointments

You’re one step away from connecting with your local PX Doc office! Here is what you can expect after you submit the form:

  1. A Care Advocate will reach out and schedule a consultation + examination for your child and family as soon as possible.
  2. Once scheduled, you’ll receive a quick and easy link to fill out intake paperwork that will help us dive deep into your child’s case history and goals for care.
  3. Next up is our in-depth consultation where we answer all your questions and help find the root cause of your child’s challenges.
  4. From there we move right into measuring the function of your child’s nervous system using an incredible piece of cutting edge technology called the INSiGHT Scans.
  5. Combining information from the case history and examination, we then build a unique and fully personalized Care Plan that fits your child’s exact needs.
  6. Lastly, your PX Doctor will sit down with you and go through the Report of Findings, where they’ll review the INSiGHT Scans and exam findings, walk you through the personalized care plan, and answer any questions and alleviate any concerns!

Here is a full breakdown of how our Clinical Process works.

About Us

We firmly believe in order to heal we must look at the whole person. Many times this disconnection is the missing link in someone’s care. When we look at the whole person, this does not just include our physical body, but all aspects of who we are and the life we live. With this in mind, Dr. Ashley learns about and provides unique care tailored for each person who comes in our door.

Additionally, we strive to make chiropractic care accessible for your lifestyle. We know you are busy and we want to help with stress, not add to it. This is why we strive to make care affordable, efficient, and easy on you and your family. From pediatric chiropractic care for newborns to our spunky 100 year old patients, chiropractic care can provide amazing benefits to any age.

8:30 am - 11:30 am, 2:30 pm - 6:00 pm
8:30 am - 11:30 am, 2:30 pm - 6:00 pm
8:30 am - 11:30 am, 2:30 pm - 6:00 pm
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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between a PX Docs office vs my regular chiropractor?

There are quite a few differences between a PX Doc and a regular chiropractor, starting with their extensive training in pediatric health, neurodevelopment, adjusting, and case management.. Additionally, many regular chiropractors focus primarily on spinal and physical health (which is awesome!). In contrast, our PX Docs focus entirely on the nervous system, which begins with incorporating the incredible Neurological INSiGHT Scans as the core of our exam process (which you won’t typically find in regular chiropractic offices). Lastly, our PX Doctors are trained in many adjusting techniques to achieve optimal results for each patient. In contrast, most regular chiropractors use the same technique on every patient.

What should I expect on my first visit?

First, your PX Doc will take the time to take a thorough case history on your child where they are not just going through the motions like many doctors do but are actively + intentionally listening to every challenge and concern you have for your child. Anything that other doctors dismiss as “don’t worry, they’ll grow out of it” is exactly where we’ll dig in the most, knowing that the real root cause of your child’s health challenges may lay right in those intricate details.

From there, we’ll run an in-depth neurological examination with the INSiGHT Scans being the primary focus + feature of this important process, allowing us to directly detect + measure the severity and location of your child’s subluxation, neurological dysfunction, dysautonomia, and so forth.

What is the typical time expected to see results?

While every case is uniquely different, the two biggest factors that help us best answer this question for families are the patient’s age and the severity of their subluxation patterns, neurological dysfunction, and imbalance (dysautonomia). Put simply, younger kids with less severe neurological dysfunction are going to respond faster and typically need a less involved care plan.

But even for those tough “Perfect Storm” chronic conditions (our specialty within the PX Docs Network), there are plenty of ways we can track and see positive changes (neurological healing) happening in the early stages. For tough chronic cases, we’re able to look closely at the changes on the Neurological INSiGHT Scans early on in care, as well as improvements in what we call neurological “soft signs” such as improvements in sleep, digestion, immune function, motor planning, and so forth. Seeing changes on scans and with these soft signs let us know we’re right on track for more full + complete neurological restoration and healing!

Does a Pediatric Chiropractor see adults, too?

Yes, we certainly do! The majority of our PX Doc offices put a major emphasis on taking care of kids because, right now, it’s more needed than ever. Still, we also provide exceptional care for moms + dads, young adults, pregnant moms, and the entire family!

Why do babies need to get adjusted?

Put simply, being born is not easy. In today’s world, where so much of pregnancy and birth has been “medicalized” the labor and delivery process exposes the majority of infants to high amounts of both physical stress (twisting, pulling, etc.) and chemical stress due to the high use of birth interventions such as forceps, vacuum extraction, induction, epidurals, and c-section deliveries. And even in cases where no medical intervention is used, making their way through the birth canal head + neck first is anything but a walk in the park for baby or mom.

Additionally, the nervous system is developing at such a rapid rate during the prenatal and infant stages that any little neurological interference (subluxation) that arises from not just birth but growth spurts, car seats and baby carriers, trips and falls, exposure to toxins or medications (especially antibiotics), and so forth can really cause significant stress and dysfunction to start to stack up on the nervous system. If this stress + subluxation stays in an infant’s system for months to years, it can then progress and develop into more serious neurological problems and resultant health challenges.

The best way to get started is to get your baby checked and scanned by a trained + experienced Pediatric Chiropractor like those found in the PX Doctor Network.

The PX Docs Difference

Extensive Training: Our PX Doctors are highly trained in essential areas such as birth trauma, pediatric neurodevelopment, sensory + spectrum challenges, seizures, gut + immune issues, colic, chronic ear infections, constipation, eczema, and so much more. 

Neurologically-Focused: No other doctor dives as deep into neurological health + function as our PX Docs do, leaving them as leading experts in all of healthcare for drug-free neurological care. 

Addressing the Root Cause: PX Doctors are experts in finding the real root cause of both acute and chronic health challenges in kids, going deeper than other providers focused on genetics, gut health, and so forth. 

Personalized Care Plans: We work with parents to create fully personalized + customized care plans entirely tailored to that child’s particular needs. 

Cutting-Edge Technology: PX Docs utilize INSiGHT Scans, which allow them to directly detect and locate neurological dysfunction and imbalance, and build uniquely targeted care plans and adjusting protocols for each individual patient. 

Varied Adjusting Techniques: We deploy multiple adjusting techniques for individualized care and optimal results, instead of sticking to one technique and applying it to every patient. 

Doctors Who Listen: PX Docs actively + intentionally listen to parents, valuing those crucial “mom gut” moments in uncovering health challenges.

Discover the PX Docs Difference – where your child’s health is our top priority!






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PX Docs Mission

To provide hope, answers, and drug-free help to millions of families worldwide by providing world class educational content and resources, and connecting them to a trained + proficient Neurologically-Focused Pediatric + Family Chiropractor.

The challenge millions of families face is not only are their kids chronically sick and struggling, but us parents are entirely disappointed and underwhelmed by the traditional pediatrician and medical system, but also overwhelmed and confused trying to navigate the natural health and healing world by themselves.

Our kids are sicker than ever, and we feel more hopeless and exhausted than ever.

Millions of families are stuck in this “Perfect Storm” and seemingly endless cycle of sickness, stress, and exhaustion.

Which is exactly why we built the PX Doctors Network and educational platform.

There is hope for moms + dads! And our kids are designed to heal!

Parents deserve doctors who listen, and who address the root cause instead of merely looking to suppress the symptoms, cover them up, or dismiss them altogether.

To truly get to the root cause, the care a child receives must begin by focusing on the nervous system. The nervous system is the one system that controls and coordinates every other tissue, organ, and cell in the body.

While genetics and gut health play a big role in our children’s health and healing, nothing matters more than the function of the nervous system.

The doctors within the PX Docs Network are the world’s foremost experts on neurological function and development in children, and Neurologically-Focused Pediatric Chiropractors are the only profession out there trained to measure and find out if a child’s nervous system is stressed out, overwhelmed, and out of balance. And then most importantly, make safe and effective adjustments to release that stress, restore balance, and improve the function and regulation of the nervous system.

It’s wildly scientific and advanced, yet also simple and straightforward.

The PX Docs are a network of committed and compassionate doctors whose expertise lies in neurological healing and restoration, addressing the root cause, and partnering with parents to help their child achieve complete healing and an optimal quality of life!

We can’t wait for your family to Experience Miracles!