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Our “soul” purpose at ChiroWorks is to restore health and vitality. These are our God-given default settings, and in our 20+ years of serving kids of all ages we’ve found the biggest threat to losing them: chronic stress.

Our mission, therefore, is to evaluate and balance the tone of the very system that helps us manage and process stress – the nerve system. If it’s working overtime, for a long time, you (or your baby) are likely struggling. Consistent exposure to physical, chemical and emotional stressors create health, healing and developmental problems that can last a lifetime if not corrected – and it can start the moment we are brought into the world. Colic, ear infections, digestive issues, ADD and ADHD, asthma, bed wetting are all symptoms of overwhelm. That is why we use state of the art technology to gently and thoroughly evaluate where and how much stress is settling into the nerve system. Once we have this information, we’ll create a customized care plan just for you or your child. From pregnant moms and their new babies to everyone at home, we are passionate about helping families live full-out healthy and vital lives!

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