Why Is It So Many Of Us Go Instantly Into Stress Mode Going 0 to 100 MPH

Why is it so many of us go instantly into stress mode, going 0 to 100 mph in a hot second? Why do so many of our kids do the same?

Dr. Tony here to explain the science behind getting “STUCK” in stress mode, and how to get “DETOXED” if you are!

Every day, around every corner, and every change we experience seems to add more stress which is sticking to us parents and we’re getting consumed and stuck. We can even feel toxic in stress. Since so many of us are feeling this, I’m going to gear this more directly to parents and talk about how to help yourselves get out of this cycle of stress.

But I’ve got to say right out of the gates, it very much is for our children as well. We’re seeing our high schoolers, teenagers, and middle schoolers especially affected by stress. We’re seeing more anxiety than ever before. What can really help your kiddos is for them to see you do well with being resilient, adapting and not being so consumed by stress.

So we are going to focus on ourselves as parents and ask – how do we understand what’s really going on and how do we get out from underneath all of this? Then when we do, we can be those leaders and helpers for our family as well.

Why Our Nervous System Defaults to Fight or Flight

First off, let’s go backwards to go forward. Where does stress really come from? The unfortunate reality of neurology around how our brain and nervous system is wired is that it is pre-wired default mode to fight or flight and stress mode. The movie Croods, about the cavemen, is one of my family’s favorite movies. I can relate that movie to how our nervous system works. That’s how God made us, to default to that survival mode, which is what the cavemen needed back then and other experiences we’ve been through have ingrained that further into us.

So your brain flips on fight or flight, protective, stress, tension, zero to a hundred mode quicker and easier than it switches to the opposite mode, which is growth, relaxation, cognitive function, good decision making, emotional regulation, digestion, and immune strength mode.

The flip of the switch is the brake pedal or in neurology what’s called, the parasympathetic nervous system and the Vagus Nerve. The reason so many of us get stuck in distress so quickly and easily is because our default mechanism in neurology is that. So what do we do about it? If you’re feeling like we are preaching to the choir here and you are stuck in stress mode and I can’t seem to get out of it… here’s how!


You can take a detox mode to relieve stress with chiropractic. We can actually measure through technology called HRV – heart rate variability. It’s the number one diagnostic health measurement for stress in today’s world. A very rudimentary version of it is on your apple or garmin watch. The advanced version that we have in our office looks a lot deeper, has more accuracy and will really tell you how deep a hold stress has on you. You need to start with that information before you can make a plan to get unstuck and detox from this stress.

The truth for a lot of us is, you know you’re stressed so you’ve tried to download the calm app on your phone, or tried breathing exercises, meditation and yoga. But when you’re in the middle of a breathing exercise or yoga class, the only thing you can think about is all the tension and stress and what’s on your to-do list. If that is how your nervous system ends up, even when you’re trying to do good things like going for a walk or taking a yoga class, you are what we call subluxated. You are stuck in that stress mode and you need something that goes beyond what you can do for yourself to get unstuck.

When you take a neurological approach to chiropractic like we do instead of just working on the muscles and bones, we really work on the nervous system through frequent visits in the beginning. The more stress you or your child has been through the more offense, the more good points you’ve got to add to detox.

Chiropractic Should Be First in the Batting Order

We’re actually not a big fan of detox. This isn’t my favorite analogy to use for this. It’s just one that we know people will understand in this season where detox is a popular thing, because what a lot of times we try and do with the detox is get it all done quickly. The way to win with your health is consistently over time. We understand that certainly in the beginning phases of getting your health back, you want to come out gangbusters. But one of the things we really are always working on with our patients is to put the good things in a batting order or sequence.

I’m a healthy eater, I go for walks, meditate, do yoga and CrossFit. We fully understand the value of all the other good, healthy endeavors that are out there. But if you really want to know the secret sauce or cheat code sequence, start with chiropractic because if you are buried by stress physically and your nervous system is exhausted, you will not be able to stick with those other things because you’re so buried by it.

Our practice has really exploded with stressed out parents and they can’t believe how good they feel when they get a couple weeks of adjustments done! They get their energy and mojo back.
Then they can get back to the gym and can make better diet choices. They can actually use the meditation app on their phone and get a good night’s sleep because they started in the right order.

Feel free to reach out to us or check out our PX Directory to find a PX Doc near you. At our offices we get to know you first, we get connected with you on the phone and we will listen to the story that is most important to you. We want to get to know you so that we can customize and target our care, starting with our examination. If someone you know needs to hear this message and learn steps to help detox themselves from stress, share this please!

It doesn’t matter how much stress is out there. What matters most is the quality of your life and your child’s life and how resilient and strong and adaptable you are inside, neurologically and physiologically. We are here for you. God bless, be well.


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