The Major Causes of Constipation and How You Can Help Your Child

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Hey parents, checking in about one of my favorite topics, poop 💩, there it is.

If you’ve exhausted the traditional, medical, and nutritional approaches to helping relieve your child’s poop challenges, this will help you figure out what the underlying cause is for so many digestive challenges in kids and how to help them finally find relief!

This is a serious challenge for so many babies and kids. In fact, this challenge with digestion and constipation and lack of ease of it carries forward through life for a lot of kids. What you may not know is that constipation is a tethering effect for many sensory and behavior issues later on as your child gets older. It can also stack up and lead to challenges with autoimmune and later on immune challenges because poop is important to get the bad stuff out of the body.  

Let’s Start From the Very Beginning

Starting with babies, this is what colic is – a jammed-up digestive motility system and like anyone on earth when your stomach doesn’t feel good, you don’t feel good physically or mentally. You don’t have good energy and you get cranky and mad. Most adults are colicky, we just don’t call it that, but we are because we’re so stressed and wound up. One of the major systems that this really affects is our digestion. So even though we’re mostly talking about kids, let’s be honest, we can relate this to adults as well. 

Three Different Approaches to Helping Poop Issues

When it comes to constipation and getting poop to happen easier, there are three approaches you can take, so here’s the scoop with poop.

Approach number one is medicine and Miralax

Traditional medicine figures, your baby can’t poop, here’s some Miralax. They don’t take the time to figure out why or dig into the cause. They don’t look at neurology or gastro. They just tell you to try something over the counter, try prune juice or gripe water and finally Miralax if that doesn’t work. 

Approach number two is integrative functional medicine

They’re not going to use medications, but they’re going to give you a whole bunch of supplementations and suggest diet changes in nutrition. This second stop is where we tend to meet most of our families when they’re coming for digestive challenges as the primary complaint for their child. Or we see it as a secondary challenge for a lot of our sensory kiddos. 

Very often they’ve already put diet changes in place and removed gluten and dairy and added gripe water.  That probably helped release some tension and relieve things a bit, but the reason they are still struggling is that 80% of colic and digestive issues are not nutritional in their primary root cause. They are neurological. 

Now, this doesn’t mean that dairy, gluten and non-healthy, hard-to-digest foods are good for us, but there’s actually a layer of stress deeper in our kids. Why can’t they handle gluten or dairy? Why can’t they handle certain complex foods and get them to move through their system? Do we really have to go through life worrying that our kids can’t ever slip up on their diet?

That’s not really the case for 80% of our patients, as I mentioned, it is neurological. 

What happens is so many of our kiddos have gone through this sensory sympathetic storm early on in their life, starting at pregnancy and infancy and their nervous system is so wound up and stuck over on what we call the sympathetic side. We have a term for that called Subluxation, which just means stuck, when the nervous system is so stressed out and wound up, it means things can’t relax or ease up.  

One of the first systems that subluxation jams up is the digestive motility system and we end up with constipation and digestive issues for these kiddos. So if you have done all of the medical, nutritional, supplements, natural homeopathic remedies and your child is still stuck, you have to try the third option.

The third approach is neurologically focused subluxation centered pediatric chiropractic

We help so many kids finally get their nervous system to relax and when the nervous system is able to chill out and open up, so do the other systems. 
These are just the cliff notes on this topic. To learn more, check out this article, and please reach out to your local PX Doc. We are ready to help your kiddo find the relief that can’t be found in the pharmacy or at the health food store in the supplement aisle. If you have questions, put them below. We are here for you and your crew. Remember I mentioned at the beginning, this applies to adults and teenagers as well, it’s not just a kid thing. Anybody dealing with digestive issues, get to a neurologically focused chiropractor and get some relief. God bless and be well.


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