The Possible Link Between Immune Challenges and Allergies

By Dr. Tony Ebel DC, CACCP, CCWP

While most get excited for the change of seasons and spring to come, many parents are filled with stress and tension knowing that with it comes more allergies & illnesses.

Immune challenges and allergies

That’s a long math equation but also one that far too many of you know far too well.

The challenge here is 3-fold:

Immune challenges and allergies are more prevalent than ever before since our kids’ nervous and immune systems are more distressed and challenged than ever due to birth trauma and the early use of antibiotics in so many infants and young children.

Steroid-based medications are so easily and readily available over-the-counter or with recurring prescriptions.

But parents, there is a way OUT of this neuro-immune-medication-behavior storm that brews every spring (and likely fall as well) for your family. And the way out, is IN to a more natural and neurologically-focused health plan for your family.

The Possible Link Between Immune Challenges and Allergies | PX Docs
Instead of turning to the OTC or prescription medications 💊 right away, take these steps instead this spring:
  • 1️⃣ Get your child’s nervous system evaluated by a trained Pediatric Experience Chiropractor
  • 2️⃣ Make sure your child is getting plenty of sleep even during the busy time that spring brings with school and sports
  • 3️⃣ Cut way back or eliminate altogether things like sugar, dairy, and especially food dyes and preservatives

Use natural immune supports like vitamins, supplements, and essential oils.

Out of that list, we strongly suggest starting with #1 first. The nervous system is the absolute “boss” of immune and gut function.

If the nervous system is stressed and dysfunctional (subluxated), then it leaves the immune system in a pro-inflammatory and highly reactive state — thus making allergies and illness much more frequent and excessive.

Pediatric chiropractors don’t treat or cure allergies and illnesses. We simply work to restore and build up the neuro-immune function that has likely been worn out and shut down for your child.

And when we do, so many families find they can finally “Kick the Sick” and be done with all the mood and behavior issues that come from constantly being on steroid-based medications all spring long!

Dr. Tony Ebel is the lead writer and educational guide for PX Docs. He is a Certified Pediatric + Wellness Chiropractor with 15 years of clinical experience. In addition, Dr. Tony has been teaching and training other Pediatric + Family Chiropractors for the past 10+ years, primarily teaching the clinical protocols he created for pediatric neurodevelopmental challenges such as Autism, ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder, Epilepsy, Anxiety, and more. This clinical program is now taught in collaboration with the Life University Postgraduate Department and has over 500 graduates. Dr. Tony’s passion is educating, empowering, and informing parents about the nervous system's role in natural, drug-free healing for all pediatric conditions and cases.


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