The 4 Biggest Baby Brain 🧠 Builders

The 4 Biggest Baby Brain 🧠 Builders | PX Docs
  1. EAT 🧑‍🍼 
  2. SLEEP 😴 
  3. POOP 💩 
  4. MOVE 💪 

Baby brain 🧠 and overall health development is not a complicated process. But unfortunately, our current “health care” system does not set them up for success. 

Trying to determine if a baby is healthy or not simply through height and weight charts, and traditional medical 🥼 questionnaires is a long-outdated approach that’s left us with the sickest and most stressed-out generation of kids ever. 

In order to help our kids heal, and to get this generation of babies back on track to good, natural, neurologically-focused health and well-being… these 4️⃣ building blocks are absolutely essential. 

EAT 🧑‍🍼 

First, the ability to latch, nurse, and breastfeed is a huge indicator of long-term health for that child 👶 . If free of subluxation and interference, this process begins soon after birth (which is usually the cause of subluxation and interference if present) and from the jump, the child gets fantastic, wholesome, essential nutrition from their rockstar mothers 🧑‍🍼! 


Second, a good meal from mama should immediately flow into a great nap 😴. Nothing like those baby milk comas they fall into, oftentimes while still eating! Sleep is truly the most important early sign of an infant’s brain and overall health development, and if they struggle (colic, reflux, etc.) in this department… then everything else gets off track as well. 


Third, that milk 🍼 has to make its way through — all the way through. If the child’s nervous system is functioning at 💯 , then it directs the digestive system to keep the essential nutrients it needs and eliminate 💩 what it doesn’t. Like sleep, digestive motility is an absolute essential sign to the baby’s brain and health development. If they are constipated and colicky, this is not something they “grow out of” — but instead it’s something they absolutely need natural, drug-free care and support for. 


And finally, movement is life. Motor development for an infant and young child is the thing most closely tied to brain 🧠 and healthy neurodevelopment. When a child’s motor system is jammed up (subluxation) and not working appropriately, they may be delayed in certain motor milestones 📶 which are then common signs of sensory, speech, behavioral, and emotional challenges later on in life. Usually these challenges show up already as early as age 2-3, and just like the digestive issues are not something they just “grow out of” as parents are still today commonly told by their pediatricians. 


If you’re little one 👶 is having any issues with these Core 4️⃣ Brain Builders 🧰 and you’ve tried the traditional medical route and all sorts of natural interventions on your own, then it’s likely time to seek out help from a Pediatric Experience trained family chiropractor! 

Our PX Docs will work right alongside you in getting to the root cause of your child’s health challenges, with an in-depth consultation and examination of the brain 🧠 , body, and nervous system. So often for the littlest ones all it takes is a series of light, gentle, effective adjustments 🙌 to get these basic building blocks of good health back on track! 

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