The 3 Things We Provide Every Parent Every Single Time

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Hey parents, we consistently get asked the simple questions of what we actually do as Pediatric Chiropractors, how it works, and how it can help our children.

So here is a quick overview of three things that we can do to help your child and family unlike anything else out there in healthcare. 

How We Give Hope, Answers, and Help

The number one thing we do right out the gates is to give you hope. We straight up restore and renew hope to families who have had it taken away. Medicine doesn’t always lean into the way God made our kids, they are not machines designed to break down and be sick all the time. He made us adaptable and resilient and there is no greater amount of adaptability and resiliency than in our kids. They are meant to heal. They just need to get the stress, toxicity, and challenges out of their way so they can reach their full potential, specifically in their Central Nervous System. 

This segues us into the second thing we provide our families at every single turn, which is answers. We’re a unique kind of doctor. We listen, ask questions and work with you. When our patients get started, we get in with them knee to knee. The first thing every one of our docs is trained to do is to listen. We take all of the information from moms and dads because we know you’ve lived lock and step with the story of your child and there is nothing more powerful than that mom and dad gut. We need to know what you know, in order to get your kiddo better.

We ask questions, listen to the answers then provide education and empowerment, followed by a whole lot of answers. 

The third thing we do is help. After we’ve given you hope, answers, and articles, videos, and handouts that made a lot of sense, we’ve got to show you how it works. Our help has to do with chiropractic adjustments. It’s a very unique approach to chiropractic. Neurologically focused chiropractic gets to work on the Central and Autonomic Nervous Systems. The Central Nervous System controls the gut, immune system, hormones, mood, speech, and motor function. Essentially, there is nothing our Nervous System is not in control of! So when you help the nervous system function better, everything gets better. 

Reaching Your Child’s Full Potential

We always like to joke that our care has a ton of side effects, just like you’d see on a pharmaceutical or medical commercial. Unlike their commercials where the voiceover turns to bad news, ours would turn to good news. Ours would let you know your child is going to sleep better, experience improved emotional stability, decision making, digestion, and have a stronger immune system. Our side effects under the help category are phenomenal. 

To sum up this quick overview, we provide hope, answers, and help. If you feel like you’ve been running out of hope, please reach out to us. Find yourself a Pediatric Experience doctor in your area on our PX Docs website. If you haven’t been getting answers or found a doctor who listens to and works with you to find the action steps to get your kiddo better, please reach out. If you don’t have a doctor on your team who knows how to the Central and Autonomic Nervous system and help in that very unique way, then a PX Doc is for you, so hit up our directory and you can find one local to you today.

Thank you very much for leaning in. If you need anything comment, question, DM, and please share this with a family who may be looking for hope, answers, and help themselves. We are here for you and for your kiddo because God made our kids to be healthy and to meet and exceed their full potential, always, so never give up hope on that.


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