Story of Hope

From Seizures and medication to thriving and seizure free

Challenges: Perfect Storm | Seizures
Pediatric Chiro

Meet Princess Ashlyn 👸.  Ashlyn’s story and family are nothing short of✨ amazing. ✨

Ashlyn started having seizures one very stressful day – after catching a flu that gave her a high fever.  She had 3 seizures in 24 hours which prompted the medical doctors at the hospital to diagnose her with epilepsy and put her on medication 💊 straight away.

Mom said something didn’t feel right in her gut.  Her intuition was telling her that the diagnosis wasn’t accurate and she said the side effects of the medication were interfering with Ashlyn’s bubbly,  full of life ☀️ personality. Her parents just knew they needed to explore other options for their baby girl!

They sought out care from an awesome neurologist at Rush University who ran some specific tests (that came up negative) and agreed with them- the diagnosis was wrong and the medication was not the only option. That’s when their neurologist recommended PWC- he knew of the success stories that came out of PWC 🙌 and the science based work 🤓  Dr. Tony and crew were practicing.

Enter PWC ➡️ Mom said this whole experience totally changed her perspective of health and healing in a natural way.  She said the care not only helped Ashlyn’s body get out of the stress that it was in, but also introduced them to the right resources and connections that are important for raising healthy kids 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦.  She said that it has given them the power 💪 to not live in fear and still live their lives- knowing the strength of their body’s ability to adapt 🤩.

Though it wasn’t an easy road and Ashlyn’s body had to detox a lot of the built up stress…now this beautiful little princess is absolutely thriving🌱.  She hasn’t had a seizure since APRIL 2019 🙌 and she’s been able to kick the sick. She’s full of life, smiles, giggles, and the most amazing blonde curls 😍.

The whole family gets adjusted and says they are just so thankful for finding their “tribe” and their “people” who are all so like – minded👏.  Mom said she is forever grateful for PWC not only because it helps them stay healthier but she says that everyone is always so positive, supportive, and uplifting even in the toughest of times❤


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