Story of Hope

From raging bull to regulating his emotions

Regulating Emotions
Pediatric Chiro

When JJ started seeing results with chiropractic care mom said to herself, “who is this kid?!” 🤯 Read on to find out how she finally got to see the JJ she knew was there all along.. 

For a long time, JJ struggled with extreme regulation challenges 😡 to the point where they couldn’t go many places, and it was interfering with their family relationships. His anger was turning violent and life was growing more hopeless 😞 

What made matters worse for JJ, was his chronic constipation. Once he was placed on Miralax his behavior worsened and became even more severe, a nasty and common side effect mom was never told about.

Mom said, “I felt like giving up, like there was no light at the end of the tunnel. We had done tons of speech, occupational and behavioral therapy. It helped a little but we were both still struggling to find the balance.”

But, when chiropractic care finally helped calm his overwhelmed nervous system 🧠, and interact easier with his environment and others around him, their whole life changed!!  Her once raging bull who was never able to calm and interact well with others… started to become more calm 😌, cool, and connected.🙌🏼

Now, mom says ”We have been able to go places more often and JJ will listen much better which has taken my stress level from 30 to like a 5 now. We have been receiving so many compliments on how JJ acts even if he gets hurt. He’s not hitting people anymore, he’s less aggressive, he’s able to share easier. ” GO JJ!!! 💙

So, as mom said, WHO IS THIS KID!? This amazing kiddo is JJ and he gets to be…. himself 🤗


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