From Not Talking, Outbursts, and Other Regressions to Balancing on a Beam and Saying “I Love You”

Name: Laine
Challenge: Speech, Regression, Imbalance

Story Of Hope For Laine

Mom’s happy tears 🥹 came flowing when Laine started holding her hands and saying I love you for the first time.  Here’s the story about how Laine launched to new heights with his speech and development after a major regression. 

At 18 months, Laine shockingly regressed with all of his words. 😔 He was talking and babbling, but suddenly, he stopped being able to communicate with speech at all.  He also started becoming very disconnected from his family- running away and having huge outbursts. He also became very uncoordinated with his movements and fell a lot.

Even though he has the most amazing parents, at that point, mom said she felt like she failed him.  She felt so isolated and wondered if it would ever be easy to leave the house again because of his behavior. 😢

She even said, ”I literally felt like he would never love me, that we would never connect
because I was constantly in fight or flight with him. I felt truly hopeless.” 💔

After trying PT and hearing over and over from their doctor 👨🏼‍⚕️ that they just needed to give it more time, her mother’s intuition knew there had to be something else out there to help. That’s when they made the decision to switch doctors who referred them to Neurologically-Focused Chiropractic. 💪🏻

At the time, Laine’s nervous system 🧠 was so completely overwhelmed and so disorganized that his body reverted to a protection mode that got in the way of his healthy development.

His first few adjustments helped calm and regulate his systems, and Laine’s speech 🗣️started to come back!  Within months of care, Laine went from speechless to saying 30+ words and even started linking words to say phrases. 🤯 😱 🎉

In addition to that, mom says, “He is no longer a fall risk. He can balance on a balance beam now; when he started, he couldn’t walk on steps without tripping, falling, or running into someone. He holds eye contact longer. And most importantly, as a mom, he will sit with me, hold my hand, kiss me, and tell me he loves me. ❤️ I truly never thought we would get there. It’s truly a miracle.” 💫

We could not be happier for this sweet family and we can’t wait to hear even more of the amazing things Laine has to say about life!

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