Story of Hope

From Colic challenges to happy and sleeping 8-12 hours straight

Challenges: Colic | Sleep
Pediatric Chiro

At the beginning of care, Stella had trouble latching, extreme discomfort, and wouldn’t sleep longer than 30-45 min :weary:.  Mom said she felt like she was completely losing her mind. “Lack of sleep was affecting every part of our life and we were desperate. We were desperate to feel human and somewhat normal.”

Fast forward :fast_forward: to NOW mom says, “Stella is the calmest, happiest, chunkiest, full of life baby that sleeps 8-12 hours STRAIGHT a night.  She’ll sit for hours content and will only fuss if she’s hungry or tired and even that is minimal.  To say she’s HAPPY is an understatement.” :raised_hands::skin-tone-3:

So, how did Stella get there?

The order of importance in her healing made all the difference for stella. It started with gentle chiropractic care to help regulate Stella’s tiny nervous system :brain: (which controls all functions of the body). This was the first essential step in her journey to set the foundation for calm not ‘colic-y” communication within the gut and body. Stella then had a lingering lip/tongue tie revised while continuing adjustments for healthy healing + repair. :clap::skin-tone-3:

With a de-stressed nervous system, Stella is absolutely thriving :blush:.  Mom says, “Thank God for the life changing work of these beautiful humans. They’ve changed our lives for the better and will never go without our wellness care”

It is such a blessing to watch Stella smile.  This family holds such a special place in our hearts and we are so lucky to have them as part of our PWC family. :heart:


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