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We specialize in chiropractic for infants and children because we believe every child deserves a healthy start in life.

The world we live in today is busier, more complex and more stressful than ever before.

Our children are not immune to the stresses of our world. Research shows stress for infants often begins in utero as they are affected by our own stress! As these stressors build up overtime, they leave our kids less able to adapt to and overcome challenges they may be facing. This leads to a nervous system that is stuck in overdrive. Since our nervous systems control all other functions in our bodies, a compromised nervous system results in altered function that is less than optimal.

So How Does Chiropractic Help?

Our spines are the primary communication system between our brain and body. When the brain and body are communicating well, kids adapt to their surroundings better. When there is interference in the communication system, adaptability decreases and the function of every cell in the body is altered. Gentle, safe and effective chiropractic care removes interference between the brain and body and restores proper neurological function so our kids can live their best lives.

Common Challenges that can Benefit from Chiropractic Care

  • Sensory Problems

  • Digestive Challenges

  • Trouble Feeding

  • Colic

  • Sleep Issues

  • Immunity Struggles

  • And More

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