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Social House Chiropractic is a family wellness office located in the North Dallas suburb of Prosper Texas, owned by Dr. Collin Walding and Dr. Kara Rodriguez. We are a community based wellness practice that looks to serve our pregnant momma’s, new momma’s, kiddos, dads, and everyone in between. At Social House Chiropractic we use the highest quality of technology with the CLA INSiGHT scans to gain knowledge and a visualization on how each patient’s nervous system is functioning as a whole. We are very involved with our community and we love giving back however we can, we host a plethora of community events that promote a holistic and healthy lifestyle so that we can help improve the health and well being of Prosper and the surrounding communities.

We know that health comes from the inside out, and that with specific, nervous system based chiropractic care we are able to remove stress from the body and allow our bodies to function, move, heal, grow, and live life to the highest potential. If you have any questions please dont hesitate to reach out, we look forward to serving you.

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