About Us

A family Wellness Practice with a passion to serve our community working alongside community partners such as midwives, lactation consultants, naturopath’s acupuncturists to help our communities thrive.


Our focus is solely on chiropractic, removing the interference from one’s nerve system to help the body heal and function at its best self.


The absolute best time to start chiropractic is now.  Whether you are thinking about getting pregnant, (mom and dad), are pregnant or have a newborn – chiropractic is essential to ensure one’s body functions and heals at its highest potential.

Often we become subluxation or have nerve interference not allowing the body to function and heal right from the get go and the body does an absolutely amazing job to compensate, adapt, or create various outputs to accommodate the subluxation or nerve interference.  Rather than struggling to accommodate and work around this “neurospinal” storm – chiropractic can help your body eliminate it, unwind it, change your compensatory patterns so you can function at your highest and most resilient self!


We utilize tonal work, Thompson techniques, Diversified, cranial work, arthrostim and activator where needed.


Healing is a process of time and consistency!  The sooner you get checked – the faster you are on your way to moving forward to greater health!

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