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Doctor Zgia Kjonaas’ mission is not only “to heal, but be healed.” She hopes to continue this legacy by helping all those around her expand their lives, as they begin to feel more energy, gain perspective and grow the greatest capacity of what they are meant to do. She has background in many different areas of specialty including diversified adjustments, Functional Neurology, Tonal techniques, nutritional testing and most importantly the healing of the nervous system which controls everything in your body. We only get one brain, one spinal cord. Take care to balance the input/output of the body.

Dr. Zgia works with patients of all ages, but has a special focus on children experiencing emotional and behavioral difficulties including anxiety using Neural Tonal techniques. The “Perfect Storm” includes challenges related to prenatal distress, birth intervention and trauma, traumatic brain injuries, and chronic digestive or immune challenges.With children experiencing the Perfect Storm, Dr. Zgia focuses on the one major system that controls and regulates every other system of the body — the central and autonomic nervous system. By focusing each and every adjustment on rebalancing and restoring function to the “Air Traffic Control” system, we immediately start to see changes in core pediatric health and brain development functions such as — sleep, digestion, immune function, and motor (movement) tone and function. Dr. Zgia starts with getting the “basics” of neurological health back online because you can’t heal the gut, improve the immune system, or get motor tone and coordination back online if you don’t first work on the central and autonomic nervous system! Once we see these “basic” neurological functions get back online, we can then get to work on “advanced” functions such as sensory processing, emotional regulation, social development, speech, and cognition.

At Olive Me Chiropractic our team is ready to meet with you to discuss your needs and the needs of your family. We will help to design a program that is right for you. We look forward to meeting you!


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