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Chiropractic in pregnancy is an essential part of your prenatal care! As a part of your birth team, our goal at New Directions Chiropractic is to provide the best care in order for you to have the pregnancy and delivery you desire.

Moms who receive chiropractic care throughout their pregnancy find they have:

  • A more comfortable pregnancy
  • Improved energy levels
  • More room for baby to grow and position properly
  • Shorter labor time
  • Fewer interventions
  • Faster recoveries after delivery

As one of the specialized prenatal and pediatric chiropractic offices in North DFW, Dr. Harrison is specifically trained to care for pregnant women and children. At New Directions Chiropractic, we are well prepared to care for expectant mothers with special pillows and tables to support your growing baby.

Dr. Harrison is certified and extremely proficient in the Webster Technique.  This technique is a gentle, specific chiropractic adjustment that realigns the mother’s pelvis and relieves ligament stress. The adjustment also maximizes uterine space, allowing for optimal baby development and the ability for baby to move into proper positioning for birth. Proper positioning of the baby decreases the chance of breech or transverse presentation, which subsequently decreases the need for C-section or other medical interventions. Overall encouraging a more favorable and comfortable delivery.

Our care continues post-pregnancy as well. It is equally as important to receive chiropractic care as a mother’s body changes after delivery and as you provide for your newborn. Regular adjustments ensure you can take care of you and your new family in the healthiest and happiest way!


“The spine is the human switchboard that controls the health and growth of children.” Essential neurological development occurs in the first few years of life and how we support children during this important time contributes to their health as adults. As a prenatal and pediatric chiropractic specialist and “Mom-Approved” Doctor, Dr. Harrison is trained and experienced in caring for your child.    

Kids who receive chiropractic care experience:   

  • Strengthened immunity 
  • Improvement in behavioral issues 
  • Less ear infections, colic and reflux 
  • Better sleep, digestion and mood 
  • More calm and connection 
  • Less asthma and allergies
  • Reaching milestones and advancement in school 

It is never too early to have your child checked. From the beginning, the birth process is often a very common cause of subluxation; a misalignment or lack of motion within the spine that results in stress and ill health in the body. Chiropractors are the only ones trained to detect and remove these subluxations, and doing so will help to ensure that your child has the best start to a healthy life!  

Many developmental milestones such as learning to hold up the head, sitting upright, crawling, and walking are all activities that cause subluxation and are important times to have a child checked by a chiropractor. Furthermore, as they grow, the demands of school and extracurricular activities, growing pains, etc. prove as additional measures to seek chiropractic.  

Having regular chiropractic care just creates healthier kids. Chiropractic adjustments restore nervous system function, which allows their growing and changing bodies to experience a greater state of health and well-being! Our gentle techniques used to adjust children of all ages makes each visit a happy experience. 

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