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Keystone Chiropractic is a family chiropractic clinic nestled in the heart of Ketchikan, AK. We believe in a comprehensive and balanced approach to wellness and are committed to providing the best care to each patient and their family, whether your needs are rehabilitative, wellness, or a combination. Together, Doctors Garrett and Chelsea Haponski provide care from pre-natal and pediatric to senior care. Our patients get the added benefit of expertise and quality care from two doctors in our office. Our patients know from the moment they walk in our door that they are going to be in great hands and will get the answers and direction that they need. We work with out patients to achieve their goals and help them obtain the quality of life they deserve.

We want our pregnant moms to be able to have the labor and delivery they desire through a well balanced pelvis and highly functioning nervous system. We believe kids should be raised healthy and full of vitality and not be bogged down by digestive issues, immune issues, sleep disorders, or behavioral challenges. All moms deserve sleep, decreased stress and fatigue, the energy and ability to play with their kids, to get back into physical activities postpartum, and the ability to adapt to the challenges in our world. We also know dads deserve decreased stress, they need to have time and energy to focus on their family, and they should be able to participate in their sports or exercise.  These are some of the things that we see improvement in when the nervous system is in check.

Our team at Keystone Chiropractic will help you and your family navigate the stress on your nervous system and give you the care and tools you need to reboot your system. We live our lives through the nervous system so when it isn’t functioning properly, all the other systems in our body start to malfunction. Our doctors work closely with the leading chiropractors in pediatric and family chiropractic around the globe to bring you the very best care available.

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